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All the senses can trigger memories. You know how - even without trying - a sound, image or even a scent can conjure something from the deeper recesses of memory. There is not yet a device for readily generating different scents but I can expose you to random sounds and images. Anyone of these might trigger something or nothing at all. I suggest you don't click through them too quickly. Allow the deeper recesses of your memory a chance to see if anything is resonating. In the later stages of the process you will be asked to delve into your own photographic records and that will be quite different.

Return to the various stimulations as they will vary from time to time and be added to. Re-visiting can also bear new fruit as your subconscious may have been at work in the background. The images are not selected with any particular personal profile in mind. They are completely random. It is not necessary that any of the images include someone, something or somewhere that you recognise. (If you do, great! Let me know.) They are intended to be generic and chosen because they might just capture some aspect or flavour that might just spark a recall of something similar. Some images are from way back and may just remind you of something that someone older told you about.

Whatever the trigger, follow where the thought leads. Take your time. Examine every aspect of the image. Not just the people or animals, but the places, vehicles, activities - the general atmospheres,

You might wish to refer to a selection of audio of pictorial simulations prior to embarking on a meditation or just to break up the passage through the numbered phases.

Just click on the image when you are ready to move on to the next. They are numbered in the top left corner if you wish to return to any one in particular.


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