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Create a memoir and embark on a journey of discovery.

Are you comfortable with an i-Pad or computer?

If so, you can subscribe to my interactive guide for just £5 per month - cancelable at any time - for as long as you find it helpful and up to a maximum of 10 months. Thereafter, this reduces to £1 per month to give you access to further updates if required. There is also a one-off setup charge of £25 to create your own secure, password protected pages individual to you. These include a personal on-screen notepad so that even the most passing of recollections or thoughts can be captured easily and never lost. There are no distracting advertisements - just pure advice and unique tools for memory stimulation.

The Guide is also available in print and can also can also be bought as a personalised gift for someone whose memoirs you would like to encourage. The online version can also be bought as a gift.

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Our memories are unique to us and, arguably, define who we really are. A memoir is the best possible way to safeguard and preserve them.

The best kind of memoir is not, necessarily, a chronological account of your life. It should be more a recollection of the events that - for diverse reasons - have meant most to you and can be retold, ideally, as stories about those events and the people and places involved.

Life's events can carry so much momentum that the opportunity to reflect on them is sometimes lost before the next event or experience comes along. A memoir is an opportunity to indulge that reflection with the benefit of a greater perspective and, hopefully, the wisdom that experience can give.

Who is a memoir for?

Primarily, it will be for your benefit. The next set of beneficiaries will be those near and dear and some, perhaps, yet to be born. In some way they will have been shaped by what happened in your life and they will be fascinated to learn as much about it as they can. And, who knows? Sometimes a memoir can take off and find a life of its own and a much wider audience. Our generation has seen - and had to cope with - more changes than any other.

Create a memoir and your memories will never be lost - either to you or anyone else. There's no time like the present to make it happen.

David Rolfe

David Rolfe - BAFTA-winning writer, producer and director of over 100 documentaries and programmes featuring all walks of life including prime ministers and royalty. You can see a full credit list on the British Film Institute site.


My Guide is designed to stand alone as all you might need to create a memoir.

However, in the same way that some benefit from a personal trainer to help them get underway to get fit, anyone embarking on a memoir may need similar assistance and motivation. I can be there to assist if you need me. (See below for details.)

One option may be interviews to get you started. Once you are underway with the Guide you'll find the memories will come quickly. All you need is a smartphone to talk into.

Print is not the only option these days. A bespoke, screen based memoir combining text, photographs, voice, video and even old cine film is very easy to assemble. It can also be easily added to and updated.

Personal Assistance

If you would like personal assistance to get you started and are reasonably local to Beaconsfield this can be in person. If you are further afield then by Skype or FaceTime. Distance need not be a barrier. Literally, a client can be anywhere in the world with a broadband signal. Contact me for rates.

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Images can sometimes be a good place to start.

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I can assist with getting old cine, video and slides into digital format if required.

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