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Audio Memory Stimulation

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All the senses can trigger memories. You know how - even without trying - a sound, image or even a scent can conjure something from the deeper recesses of memory. There is not yet a device for readily generating different scents but I can expose you to random sounds. Anyone of these might trigger something or nothing at all. You might wish to refer to a selection of these prior to embarking on a meditation or just to break up the passage through the numbered phases. For a truly immersive session I recommend earphones or headphones if you have them.

I cannot provide here one of the most evocative of all memory stimulations which can often be music. The marvel today is that if there is a piece of music, however obscure, that you recall from way back when then it is almost certainly available on either the Spotify system or Apple Music. Both are easily accessed and have either free trial periods or a free advertising supported version.

Re-visit this page from time to time. I will be varying and adding to the sounds available. You do not have to be systematic. Click random numbers and see how long it takes to recognise the sound or what it might mean to you, if anything. It might not, but give it a chance. Linger a while and let the sound permeate your synapses.

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