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You are on your way to creating a memoir - The Memory Lane Club makes it easy and enjoyable.

Our memories are unique to us and, arguably, define who we really are. A memoir is the best possible way to safeguard and preserve them.

The best kind of memoir is not, necessarily, a chronological account of your life. It should be more a recollection of the events that - for diverse reasons - have meant most to you and can be retold, ideally, as stories about those events and the people and places involved.

Consult your memory to know what matters most in your life.
Twan Eng Tan - Novelist
David Rolfe

David Rolfe - founder of My Memory Lane Club and Memoir Services - is a BAFTA-winning writer, producer and director of over 100 documentaries and programmes featuring all walks of life including prime ministers and royalty. You can see a full credit list on the British Film Institute site.

During a process of retrieval memories that once seemed to stand on their own may suddenly become connected. You are, metaphorically, climbing a gentle incline to a crest that will enable you to look back and see things laid out before you as in a landscape with its various features and landmarks. Their relationship to one another can, suddenly, become clear - even revelatory. These are the moments that can generate the all-important “reflections” on life and add the real value to the process and to your memoir.

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How does it work?

You will get secure and personalised interactive online site totally exclusive to you with the full Guide and its associated interactive memory stimulations. These include a personal on-screen notepad so that even the most passing of recollections or thoughts can be captured easily and never lost. This can be vital. There are no distracting advertisements - just pure advice, unique tools for memory stimulation and, of course, the Guide itself. These password protected, secure pages can also provide the facility to contain your completed memoir should you wish..

You will also have a dedicated online and secure repository on our server to which you can upload any photographs or documents that you think might be useful when the time comes to create your memoir.

What skills do I need?

If you can "copy and paste" on a computer or iPad then you are fully qualified.

How much does it cost?

Your personal, password protected, secure pages costs a one-off £30 to set up. Your subscription is £4 per month and is cancelable at any time. After a full year, your site is yours in perpetuity with no further charges. ×

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